A Photo Tour of Shetland

Loch Spiggie spigg, Swedish for stickleback. A good fishing loch and a RSPB bird reserve; hundreds of whooper swans gather here in the autumn. Quendale Mill, built in , is an interesting restored water mill. It contains displays about the mill and the local life of its time. The Shetland Croft Museum is a complex of several buildings dating from the 19th century. The aim is to give a picture of rural life in Shetland a hundred years ago. It includes a house, a byre and a corn mill. Jarlshof, a prehistoric site which also has Pictish, Viking, and later remains is dominated by the ruin of the 16th century lairds house.

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These are external links and will open in a new window Close share panel Image copyright Swandro-Orkney Coastal Archaeology Trust Image caption The coin was uncovered in a dig on Rousay in Orkney Archaeologists are thrilled by the discovery of a Roman coin during the excavation of an archaeological site in Orkney. The copper alloy coin was found at the Knowe of Swandro, the location of a Neolithic chambered tomb, Iron Age roundhouses and Pictish buildings.

The archaeological site is at risk from coastal erosion. Roman finds have been made before in Orkney, and other Scottish islands including the Western Isles. Archaeologists said the works of classical writers suggested the Romans were aware of Orkney, with the writers even making claims of an invasion, although archaeologists and historians believe this to have been unlikely.

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November Herd Profile No. Profiles can be viewed under the tab on the Home Page, labelled Shetland Cattle. Facebook Page To all those who visit our website, from many different places around the world, this is just a reminder that we have a Facebook page as well, called Shetland Cattle Herd Book Society. If you have an interest in the breed you may enjoy seeing the discussions on the page, or you may like to interact with breeders.

Samples of sufficiently unrelated cows were provided for the research. We can expect results to be available in months. We will post information as it comes. Scawfell Genetics has secured sole distributorship in the UK of a new design of small dry shipping tank which can be dispatched quickly and easily and SCHBS Semen Store can now ship semen direct to any address in the UK within 24 hours. Shipping charges for breeders wishing to purchase semen from the store are as below.

Prices are inclusive of any number of bulls and straws, packing, delivery and return of the tank. Breeders should note, too, that Scawfell Genetics carries a wide range of semen from other breeds, native and commercial, and this can be ordered as well, for cross-breeding or other purposes. For further information see www. It was a red bull and was quickly followed by two red heifer calves, making a small herd of three Shetlands as the foundation of the breed in the USA.

‘World’s oldest calendar’ discovered in Scottish field

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In Shetland, knitting is a tradition that goes back centuries and is embedded in the place’s rich history. Sheep here outnumber people by 20 to 1, and inclement weather on the islands has encouraged the local sheep to grow a softer and lighter weight fiber that makes Shetland wool unique.

Times are subject to change etc When does my tour start? Morning tours generally commence at 9AM shore time or if your ship ports after Afternoon tours generally commence at 2. For Private tours and groups of 4 or more we can normally schedule departures to your personal requirements. We schedule your return to port to ensure you arrive in plenty of time to re-join your ship – normally 1 hour before the scheduled sailing time.

Where you have free time after the end of your tour, then it is your responsibility to ensure you re-join the ship on time. All tour times are based on Shore time ie local time, – not ship time All clients will be met at Lerwick Port by a Cruising Excursions representative who will then guide you to your air conditioned transport. The tour will commence with a drive through Lerwick, the largest town in Shetland, dating from the s as you travel to the North West of the Shetland Mainland.

We pass through Tingwall Valley and on to the picturesque community of Voe with its Scandinavian influence.

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March 12, at 6: In the light of a comment left here perhaps it will help if I add the following to clarify. I certainly agree that the Shetland Name is Old Shell, a previous poster here was mistaken in that. Commonly, there are local names for patterns made around the world, and so the same pattern can easily turn up with at least two different names.

In the winter, a tremendous fire festival dating back to the s celebrates Shetland’s Viking history all over the islands with costumes and a torch procession resulting in the burning of a full-size replica Viking long ship. Nearly 1, torch-bearing islanders show up in Lerwick alone.

The old Shetland name for the Grey Seal is ‘haaf fish’ deep sea fish , because it prefers more open sea conditions, while the Common Seal is known as ‘tang fish’ seaweed fish because of its preference for more sheltered shores and islands. Contrary to expectations, there are fewer Common Seals than Grey Seals in Britain as a whole, with around 28, Common and , Grey.

It is possible to age seals quite accurately by counting the growth rings round the roots of the back teeth. Most of the information about how long seals live comes from seals that have been kept in zoos. The oldest recorded seal in the world came from Shetland, a grizzled old female who lived to the ripe age of 46 years! Seals have been around Shetland for many years with bones found at the Jarlshof settlement dating back to the Iron Age. There is also a lot of folklore surrounding ‘selkies’ coming ashore having cast off their skins and been transformed into beautiful people, and many an islander would fall in love with a ‘selkie’ and go back to the sea with them, traditionally this only happened at midsummer.

In years gone by Shetlanders have hunted seals for their blubber, used for oil, their skins which were used to make clothes, and occasionally the flesh would be eaten. Most recently seals have been hunted for their valuable pelts. Most valuable is the skin of a pup, particularly of the Common Seal, or the adult just after moulting, providing it had not been scared. The Common Seal was hunted the most partly due to the fact that the pups were found on easily accessible shorelines and also because until you did not need a permit to hunt Common Seal whereas you did for Grey Seals.

Seal hunting was particularly common after the Second World War as times were hard and the demand for sealskins kept the prices high. Between and the recorded number of Common Seals dropped from to at Fitful Head and, although the figures from elsewhere are not so accurate, the same decline was seen throughout the islands.

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The lyre is still played today, in a plucked form in North Africa, especially in Ethiopia, and in bowed forms as a folk instrument in Wales Crwth , Estonia Rootsi-kannel or Hiiu-kannel and Finland Jouhikko. There were in the past bowed lyres in Shetland and Norway, I have made an instrument based on the few text descriptions of the Shetland Gue, see below. The plucked lyre was very widespread in the Ancient world, occupying an important place in Roman and Greek cultures.

There are also lyres on Celtic coins and inscriptions, there are several on Pictish stone carvings for example, and it is likely that some of the instrument names in old Irish texts such as Cruit and Tinpan refer to lyres, though they are often translated as ‘harp’. The word ‘harp’ was likely used for any stringed instrument in Anglo-Saxon hearpe and Old Norse harpa , and ‘harpa’ still carries that meaning in modern Scandinavian languages.

The Anglo-Saxon lyre found in Sutton-Hoo is justifiably famous, but there are in fact many finds of lyres from Germanic contexts from the first millenium.

The Shetland Islands are suffering from a heroin problem that has been blamed on its wealthy residents. Police chiefs have admitted that the islands, widely considered to be some of the safest.

Shetland cattle, from the Shetland Islands of Scotland, are a small, hardy cattle breed. Like most breeds originating from these isles, Shetland cattle are smaller than most due to the harshness of their native environment. Shetland cattle are considered an ancient breed, dating back to the Viking Era. It has been suggested that they first arrived on the islands between and AD. They provided meat and milk for the islanders and were used for draught work, pulling ploughs.

Like many traditional breeds, the Shetland has suffered greatly due to intensive livestock farming, so much so that the Scottish island breed is now classified at risk by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust. Efforts to conserve the breed is mainly done by the Shetland Cattle Breeder’s Association, and according to the organisation, there are currently registered breeding cows and approximately calves born each year. In , seven pure Shetland calves registered to the Zetralia herd in Australia.

Shetland cattle beef is a speciality, niche market. Cattle are kept on small-scale farms that rely on a high-income from sales and low-maintenance costs for feed. Both, Shetland milk and beef have been scientifically proven to be high in conjugated linoleic acid CLA – a healthy fatty acid which may have anti-carcinogenic properties. Breed characteristics Shetland cattle are predominately black and white in colour; however, the breed can also be red and white, dun and grey.

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