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All fastening screws must conform to AS — Class 3. For connecting brackets use: For fixing Gutter Brackets to timber fascia — No. For lap joints and accessories — 3. Please dispose of any off-cuts carefully. Take care to avoid pockets in joints which may hold moisture and potentially reduce durability. Dirt can be washed off using water with mild detergent. Any grease marks should be wiped away with paint thinners.

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Tuki Trout Farm Fishing Prices General Admission General admission gives you access to our gardens and ponds areas, you can enjoy the activities and soak in the views. If you would like to hire a rod and purchase bait these are additional costs. Tuki has a wonderful vista to be enjoyed from Stoney Rises where our restaurant and bar is located.

Tuki is a acre working farm, our sheep, horses, chooks and shetland ponies roam through our paddocks. We understand fishing can be quite boring for young children. When you fish at Tuki they never get bored, they are guaranteed to catch a fish.

PAUL SAYS: PAUL SAYS: Hello,I’m new to metal detecting and attached are two pics of a recent find. This was found in a pasture which was the site of a home in prior to and up to at least

Want to know more, or have a specific question? Read More When Bailey first started attending lessons he lacked in confidence and was unable to wet his hair or face without panicking or getting upset. Working closely with Kristy Teacher , Bailey began to show signs of confidence in the water. During another family visit to the pool Bailey was involved in a small incident where he had attempted to climb out of the pool and had slipped back and fell into deeper water.

As we rushed to his aid, much to our surprise, Bailey had happily surfaced after a couple of seconds and was doggy paddling his way back to the ledge. We would like to thank Paul Sadler Swimland Melton for their amazing service and support with Bailey. A special mention to Kristy for her firm yet fun approach with Bailey which is exactly the push he needed to gain confidence around the water.

Jackie Over the last two years we have changed days and had different teachers, but they have all been excellent! They show a real passion for their work and maintain an excellent rapport with both of my children, helping them to achieve their goals. Read More Since coming to Paul Sadler Swimland, the kids have come ahead in leaps and bounds and I would strongly recommend others attend this great swim school!

OECD and Pisa tests are damaging education worldwide – academics

Both these ships were carrying passengers who had flown from Germany. These ships carry approximately passengers each with crew; catering for an upmarket clientele. The Europa and Europa 2 are owned and operated by Hapeg Lloyd, and more information on the ships visit the Hapeg Lloyd website The third international arrival Sirena travelling from America hit our shores on 2 April.

The Paul Sadler Swimland story starts with a boy from Ballarat who simply had passion for swimming.

The winds are expected to drop off by this weekend. Tuna to 20kg have been caught in 50 metres of water but if the weather is too rough to chase the tuna you could try for some salmon trolling lures behind the surf. Whiting, squid and snapper can also be found inside the harbour Silver trevally have moved into the harbour at Queenscliff.

Fish to 45cm are being caught so there is some fun for those wanting to throw some soft plastics around A few nice snapper have been reported by charter operators lately so it might be worth having a go before they pod up and head out of the bay Squid and whiting at St Leonards with the larger whiting near the mouth of Swan Bay Locally, Newlyn Reservoir has seen some very nice redfin caught on lures but bait would be just as good if not better. Early morning is proving to be the best time with fish over 40cm being caught so it is well worth a look Reports of brown trout at Lake Wendouree using soft plastics in the deeper water.

Some have fished from the bank when the weather has been rough using a mudeye under a float with good results Redfin to 50cm have been reported at Wurdiboluc Reservoir Lake Toolondo is still producing great fish with trout reported to 2.

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James Reece — 8 February — Hanged for bestiality with a sow. Reece tried to cut his own throat on the morning of his execution. According to this reference [5] , it seems that the sow, although ordered by the court to be put to death, may have spared, due to the considerable economic loss to its owner this would have entailed] John Hardy — 2 June — Hanged for vagrancy and theft. James Lovell — 22 February — Hanged for forging and uttering.

Holland had assaulted the occupant of the home, described as a “feeble old man”.

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Academics say the OECD should develop alternatives to league tables and find more meaningful ways of reporting assessment, taking account of different cultures. Now in its 13th year, Pisa is known around the world as an instrument to rank OECD and non-OECD countries plus at last count according to a measure of academic achievement of year-old students in mathematics, science, and reading. Administered every three years, Pisa results are anxiously awaited by governments, education ministers, and the editorial boards of newspapers, and are cited authoritatively in countless policy reports.

They have begun to deeply influence educational practices in many countries. As a result of Pisa, countries are overhauling their education systems in the hopes of improving their rankings. Lack of progress on Pisa has led to declarations of crisis and “Pisa shock” in many countries, followed by calls for resignations, and far-reaching reforms according to Pisa precepts.

We are frankly concerned about the negative consequences of the Pisa rankings. These are some of our concerns: For example, in the US, Pisa has been invoked as a major justification for the recent “Race to the Top” programme, which has increased the use of standardised testing for student-, teacher-, and administrator evaluations, which rank and label students, as well as teachers and administrators according to the results of tests widely known to be imperfect see, for example, Finland’s unexplained decline from the top of the Pisa table.

For example, we know that the status of teachers and the prestige of teaching as a profession have a strong influence on the quality of instruction, but that status varies strongly across cultures and is not easily influenced by short-term policy.

List of people legally executed in Australia

Accepted version[ edit ] During her maiden voyage , the famous ocean liner struck an iceberg at Gardiner’s Ship That Never Sank[ edit ] One of the most controversial [1] [2] and complex theories was put forward by Robin Gardiner in his book, Titanic: The Ship That Never Sank?. Morgan that had acquired the White Star Line in

Gage writes FTTP is not ADSL you get the speed you pay for the ISP might not give you that speed. Exactly this, iiNet are having some congestion issues, and have been for several months now, and right now my speed is 10/30, it isn’t the NBN equipments fault (well other than .

It is a time for us to reflect on the sacrifice of the men and women who have served in our armed forces and who have fought on foreign soil to ensure our safety and protect our shores. Ernest was posted to the 1st Battalion, 1st Infantry Brigade. Ern Buck took part in the Allies landing at Gallipoli, coming ashore with the second and third waves on 25 April and was wounded in the head by a bullet receiving a slight scalp wound in 21 May Ern was shot in the abdomen and bayoneted in the chest by the enemy and left for dead during trench fighting about 5 June After the withdrawal from Gallipoli in December , the 1st Battalion returned to Egypt.

Ern was admitted to hospital in Tel el Kebir at the end of February when his chest wound became badly infected and he was evacuated by train to Cairo and later to hospital in Mudros. You can read more about his service in my post private ernest buck — anzac. Tom also claimed to be the first, or among the first, Australian servicemen to set foot on enemy territory. This was immediately after the outbreak of war when a party from HMAS Sydney landed near Rabaul, the capital of the German colony of New Guinea, in order to destroy the radio station there.

, 18- , ,

Anobium punctatum Description The adult is about 4 mm long and usually chocolate brown with reddish-brown legs. The head is concealed beneath the hooded cowl-like prothorax and the antennae end in a three-segmented club. The beetle is covered with fine yellowish hairs and has longitudinal rows of pits on the forewings. The adult is larger, more rectangular and not shiny like the Queensland pine beetle; microscopic examination is usually required to distinguish between the two species.

Snapper reports have slowed up a little from the port as anglers flock to Port Phillip – but the fish are still there to be caught. They are spread around the port fairly well at present, and you can find a quiet pocket to target them in easily enough.

April 10, Upcycle Style: Braided T-shirt Rug I love making projects that involve at least one of the following criteria: Upcycle — Most of said t-shirts were well past their use by date with most of them having holes, stretching or stains, so charity donation was not an option. Usually I tear old shirts up for dusting rags, but the truth is, who needs to dust that much?

Sewing — enough said Need — With a chilly winter on the way in Melbourne, I thought it would be lovely to finally have a bedside rug to treat my feet to some cushy comfort on a chilly morning. Read on to see how I made mine… You will need: Old T-shirts or fine cotton knits the more you have the larger the rug will be. Roll your yarn into balls. My thirteen t-shirts made thirteen balls of yarn.

Make a braid Work the yarn just like you would braid a plait of hair. I chose to do all the braiding first, it took me a few evenings in front of the TV. To start and change colour you can either sew your strips of fabric together as Cathy has done, or use a No Sew option that I used, of making a little hole in one strip and looping the new colour through. When braiding think about how you want your finished rug to look.

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The E-class trams are three-section, four-bogie articulated trams that were first introduced to the Melbourne tram network in They are being built by Bombardier’s Dandenong factory, with the propulsion systems and bogies coming from Bombardier factories in Germany.. The E-class is part of the Tram Procurement Program, a Public Transport Victoria project aimed at increasing capacity and.

In this story of the bushrangers I do not pretend to have included the names of all those who have at various times been called bushrangers in Australia. That, as will be seen from what I have said in the earlier chapters, would be not merely impossible but useless. I believe, however, that I have collected some particulars about all those who succeeded in winning even a local notoriety, and I have also endeavoured to supply such personal characteristics of the leaders in the movement as may throw some light on the causes which induced them to “take to the bush.

The story is a terrible one. Some of the incidents related are no doubt revolting, but it is necessary that even these should be told to show how civilised man may be degraded by unjust and oppressive laws. We are all creatures of the educational influences to which we are subjected in our youth, and therefore it is unfair to blame the earlier bushrangers; because they were the products of the civilisation of their day, and were not themselves responsible.

But sensational as the story is, its tendency is rather to depress than to exhilarate the reader, for the story is a sad one, in that it shows a deplorable waste of what under happier conditions might have been useful lives. As a rule I have adhered very closely to the newspaper reports of the time, but to make the story which naturally tends to be scrappy and disconnected as homogeneous and continuous as possible, I have followed one gang to the close of its career, and then returned to take up the history of another gang.

I have paid special attention to the geography of the country, and the reader who possesses a fairly good map of each of the colonies should have no difficulty in following the movements of each of the gangs, and may thus obtain an idea of the extent of the area over which it operated. Hitherto the histories of Australia have passed very lightly over the bushrangers, but there can be no doubt that they exercised some influence, and not always for evil, for to their influence is due some of the sturdy Republicanism of the modern Australians.

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Born in Sydney to two awesome parents, I spent my childhood as a navy brat. Moving around so often 17 different schools — yeah I know! People are awesome; talented, creative, humble, and driven to be a part of something.

Off The Hook Fish Shop – 19 Carpenter Street, Ballarat, Victoria – Rated based on 59 Reviews “The most delicious fish and chips the ballarat /5(59).

Possibly even before then. I would guess there must have been many cups of tea in the kitchens of married quarters across the bases of Australia that we are not aware of. But we do know that Shirley McLaren nee Lemon did organise her South Australian friends into a regular lunch at her place in Smithfield up until and then Maxine Cheyne until I know because I was doing the advertising.

We had attends, and there are official photos of this wonderful day on 22nd June How we got to that day is another story, but it was the beginning of a near year commitment by WRAAF all over Australia to keep their service to Australia in a special place, and to raise the profile of post war women in the Armed Forces. As a group the Victorian reunion committee joined RAAFA Victoria and this was followed by each state following suit with their own branches being formed.

What is acknowledged and I have already done so a few years ago, is to credit Shirley with the honour of being the instigator of the first exWRAAF luncheon that we are aware of. Forty-two years later, we have grown to be an Australia-wide exWRAAF community, inspired every year or two by an ever-growing number of attendees to reunions held mostly in alternating states. These reunions have been organised by dedicated women who have never forgotten the years of friendships, joy and the tears shared by us all over a one bar heater while cooking toast or toiling over a hot iron on a starched drab a job I fortunately never had to contend with.

In recent years, there is, despite our aging membership, a huge dose of nostalgia as women now in their twilight years are released from some of their family commitments. Also, society has suddenly switched on that women are not chattels, never were and certainly are not. Yes, By the Left Campaign, was certainly welcomed with open arms by many women long tired of the gender discrimination. Sure, the WRAAF of to , some 26, female members, is no longer an entity, but the Women of the RAAF are still serving and still performing their work ethic to the highest standards maintained in any workforce.

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