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Welcome, my friends, to Iceland. Early this year, it became the first nation to require employers to prove they are paying women equal wages for equal work, fining business that fail to do so. Last year, the country elected its second female prime minister, a year-old raising three young kids. Labor is inseparable from what makes the Icelandic fairy tale possible. Iceland has a population of about , — a bit smaller than Wichita, Kansas. The two black residents I saw during my week in the country were both American-born. The two women in hijabs I saw were tourists snapping pictures under a waterfall. MS Dairies is a co-op that works with over family farms who practice humane animal treatment.

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November 21, You are here: Amongst these chunks of land sits one incredibly beautiful island known as Elidaey. How do they get their groceries, or medications? After photos of the island went viral on the Internet, even more questions and fabricated stories began to arise. Gorgeous just to look at, this isolated island home on Ellidaey island has an interesting story with a history dating hundreds of years back.

Around years ago.

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Pre-Christian era[ edit ] Christianity was present from the beginning of human habitation in Iceland , a fact that is unique to Iceland among the European nations. The first people setting foot on Icelandic soil were Chalcedonian Irish hermits , seeking refuge on these remote shores to worship Christ. Later, Norse settlers are thought to have driven them out. Some of the settlers were Christians, although the majority were pagan , worshipping the old Norse gods. When Iceland was constituted as a republic in CE, it was based on the pagan religion.

A claim that the government of Iceland is offering to pay $5, per month to immigrant males who marry Icelandic women went viral on multiple social networks recently, sparking a deluge of applications to the Danish embassy in Egypt in charge of Icelandic affairs.

Pre-Christian era[ edit ] Christianity was present from the beginning of human habitation in Iceland , a fact that is unique to Iceland among the European nations. The first people setting foot on Icelandic soil were Chalcedonian Irish hermits , seeking refuge on these remote shores to worship Christ. Later, Norse settlers are thought to have driven them out. Some of the settlers were Christians, although the majority were pagan , worshipping the old Norse gods.

When Iceland was constituted as a republic in CE, it was based on the pagan religion. In the late 10th century missionaries from the continent sought to spread Catholicism among the population. Adoption of Christianity[ edit ] Further information: The leaders of the two groups realized the danger and found a solution.

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History[ edit ] Before , selling sex was illegal: By making soliciting sex legal, the government believes individuals who have been forced into prostitution would rather come forward and lead police to those responsible. The new law has put Iceland in line with Sweden and Norway. Nordic Model[ edit ] In April , the Icelandic Parliament passed new legislation that makes paying for sex illegal the client commits a crime, but not the prostitute.

Legacy[ edit ] There is little soliciting for street prostitution since the law came into effect.

A compendium of information and photos relating to the natural and historical treasures located on the island of Eleuthera Keywords: Eleuthera, Bahamas, ghost town (a.k.a. Islandia a.k.a. Eleuthera Beach Inn) now being known as the Bahamas Islandia Resort. While there are a few ads for the resort dating from , it does not seem to.

Icelandic eruptions Updated Wednesday 6th December A volcanic eruption in Iceland which started in may have had a direct effect on the UK and parts of Western Europe. The gases, sulphuric acid aerosols, and possibly ash from the eruption were carried over Britain by the weather systems at that time. This 8 month-long eruption from a line of volcanic vents 27 km in length, known as a fissure eruption, also produced the largest lava flow on Earth of the past years, which covered about square kilometres in southern Iceland.

An even larger one happened around the years AD Before the AD eruption and up to the time of the Laki eruption, there were also several other smaller eruptions of this type in Iceland, but they released much less ash, sulphur dioxide, and other gases. With such few cases of past eruptions to go by, it is difficult to predict when or how big the next occurrence of a similar eruption will be, but one thing is certain, it will happen.

Actually, as fair a prediction as any might be that it could be any day now! It could be next week unlikely, as there should be some precursor effects such as earthquakes and no anomalous ones are currently being reported , or next year, or five hundred years from now. Britons may take comfort in not having an active volcano here on our islands, but the one frequently active area that could have a direct effect here on a time scale to which we can relate is Iceland and its many restless volcanoes.

Why is it a potential risk for the UK? Why should we in the British Isles, suffer with volcanic fumes from Iceland?

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Although this image generally characterises the Islamic world as ‘heathen’, and repeats the misconceptions of Islam widespread in the medieval West, [5] it also varies substantially from text to text, sometimes, for example, associating the Islamic world with great wealth, wisdom, or chivalry. Perhaps the earliest known example of Muslims coming to Iceland occurred in , when the Dutch Muslim Jan Janszoon and his Barbary pirates raided portions of Iceland, including the southwest coast, Vestmannaeyjar , and the eastern fjords.

An estimated Icelanders were sold into slavery. Islam started to gain presence in Icelandic culture around the s, partly through immigration from the Islamic world for example Salmann Tamimi and partly through Icelanders’ exposure to Islamic culture while travelling for example Ibrahim Sverrir Agnarsson. Some of the immigrants simply came of their own accord; others came as refugees, including groups from Kosovo.

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Ascension nm The base was supported by twenty contractor employees of the Radio Corporation of America RCA the primary contractor for operation and maintenance of the site’s instrumentation including the MISTRAM system and Pan American Airways PAA the primary contractor for management, engineering, operations, and maintenance during the ‘s and ‘s, and Western Electric in the ‘s. Pan Am employed the carpenters, electricians, plumbers, cooks, firemen, supply specialists, mechanics, diesel generator operators, and other tradesmen, while RCA employed the electronic technicians, engineers, and related equipment operators.

At its peak, 45 Bahamian employees also worked at the base. See this blog entry for a fascinating story about espionage and an undercover agent searching for a spy on the AAFB. By late , the decision had been made to close the MISTRAM facility for reasons unknown but presumably related to a change in the Minuteman missile program. Much of AAFB site of the base was taken over by the Navy, although a small contingent of Pan Am and RCA employees stayed on to support Navy operations by providing communications services and facilities maintenance.

The base was officially decommissioned on March 31, after the United States government was unable to secure favorable lease renewal terms fro the Bahamian government for the land on which the base is located. The facilities and equipment left behind largely went to waste, rusting silently away as the years went by.

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TBEX is a big travel blogging conference, which is hosted every year in a different location. There are various sessions held throughout the two days of conferences, with some of the biggest travel bloggers and experts in the field as speakers. While these are extremely interesting and there is lots to learn, the social events are what I enjoyed the most, and have convinced me to attend another future TBEX. The Killarney National Park was the first national park of Ireland and is now a place of high ecological value because of the quality and diversity of its habitats.

The Ring of Kerry is a circular tourist route that goes around all the most scenic spots of the area, including Killarney and the National Park. On the first afternoon we escaped part of the conference to explore the Killarney National Park, we might have missed some networking but it was well worth it!

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