Link How do you spend your days off? Practicing at the company, learning Chinese at a foreign language academy, and I also exercise a lot. On days off I like to do pilates and ride bikes. I should run on the track in front of the company. This time I want to finish activities without incident and have more people know Fiestar and listen to our songs. What view do you want the public to get from Fiestar this time? If you look at it simply, even though there have been similar concepts before, this is more mature. Do you have any special role in the team? But the members are really polite and comfortable [with each other].

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He is the rapper of the group and also writes the raps himself. Their song entitled “Paradise” was featured in the first edition of the Boys Over Flowers’ soundtrack. He also had his solo song “Jun Be O. On June , he took part on the Mnet variety show “Mnet Scandal”, a show where a celebrity will go out with a non-celebrity for a week, on the end Joon decided to not keep dating his partner.

On November 26, he tested positive for H1N1; although, he made a speedy recovery his agency was forced to cancel a 2D1N trip to the Philippines for a fanmeeting on the 30th. He wants to study the production of Hallyu culture content and its spread on a deeper level.

Fans of the Henry-Sunny couple must be very disappointed as Henry’s rumor girlfriend turns out to be FIESTAR’s Jei. On August 7 th, Kpop fans have been spreading the rumor that Henry’s girlfriend is actually Jei, a former member of rumor burst out when two of them were both seen at the same luxurious resort.

The group consists of multi-national members: They made their debut in August 31, with their single, Vista. While many of the members took part in various activities before the group’s formal debut, according to their agency, all of them had been training together for two years and the average training time among the members was 4 years. Her album, titled Cat, was released in under her former stage name, LuLu Maknae and main rapper Yezi also became famous as an underground rapper even before she debuted, since she released various rap mixtapes on her account and garnered high praises from netizens before she was planned to become a member of the group.

Leader Jei did modeling for various online clothing stores and was the female lead for boy band Infinite’s music video for their song ‘Paradise’, Bongshil Sister’s My Love and also for Taw’s music video for Happy Hours featuring Joo and the Lifestyle. She later replaced Joo on the promotions due her being diagnosed with a bump on her throat, and became fine right after the promotions ended.

Linzy was a trainee under YG Entertainment and was originally planned to be a 2NE1 member and is also one of the trainees to be originally planned to become a member from YG’s new girl group with the idea scrapped in , and the group disbanded even before debuting and recorded a song for the Korean drama Obstetrics and Gynecology. Leader Jei appeared on Infinite’s Paradise music video and also featured in Taw’s Happy Hours music video with the featuring of Joo with the Lifestyle.

Only USA-born member Cheska don’t have any past connections on the entertainment industry. LOEN Entertainment initially announced that they would be debuting a six member girl group that contained not only members from South Korea, but from China and the United States as well. After revealing the names and pictures of the members, it was revealed that they would be singing a duet with label mate IU prior to their debut for their agency’s artist collaboration album.

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And before anyone asks, I’m probably not going to put together a list of males unless there’s enough demand for one. I didn’t particularly like anyone in AOA at their in my opinion boring debut, so it wasn’t until Like a Cat that I noticed how great Choa is. Don’t get me wrong, she looks pretty solid with long hair too. I just prefer her in short hair.

Nov 24,  · The eight idols to feature on the show-2PM’s Jun.K, 4minute’s Jihyun, MBLAQ’s Mir, ZE:A’s Hyungsik, JJ Project’s JB, Rainbow’s Seung Ah, FIESTAR’s Jei, and AOA’s Hyejeong – .

K and Jei seemed to get along. How many of the viewers are really fans of. The Romantic and Idol, We Can. Ve always wondered if kpop stars ever considered dating. BoA and actor Joo Won are dating. S Linzy team up for a duet in MV teaser for. To keep the dating real and pure, all idol managers. S dating show The romantic idol season. Happy birthday to Fiestar.

Jei became one of the MCs for the FashionN show, and for her first ever episode, she rev. People have seriously told me to start dating. MV after a year long break.

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Mir and jei really dating Fast informatikos testai online dating Donghae and eun seo really dating simulator christian. Mir and jei really dating websites. I love fiestar especially jei. During really interested could access from anywhere to watch the carnival parades in rio de janeiro brazil on august 5 name changed. The only couple im really satisfied with is mir jei.

Pertama kali Fiestar memulai debutnya dengan 6 orang yaitu Jei, Chao Lu, Linzy, Hyemi, Yezi, dan juga Cheska. Namun sebelum comeback mereka, Cheska harus keluar dari Fiestar dikarenakan harus kembali ke Negara asalnya yaitu Amerika Serikat, tepatnya di tahun

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Jul 11, Fiestar’s “One More” And A Rant I have literally no idea what kind of group Fiestar is, apart from that I listened to their debut song and thought it was alright and saw member Jei on dating show “Romantic and Idol”. Aside from those two things, I’m clueless. I only know that one member and I have not yet grasped what kind of music they put out and what kind of concepts they normally do. Apparently their new single “One More” takes on a sexier approach than they have had before, but what really lured me in was the song itself.

Anyone who has heard old 90’s jam “Superstar” by Jamelia will definitely associate Fiestar’s new track with said song. I wouldn’t call it plagiarism in any way, but no one can deny how strikingly similar it is.

Among the 22 artists under Loen Entertainment, Jei is missing on the list while other FIESTAR members Hyemi, Yezy, Cao Lu, and Linzy are listed. Also, Jei’s name on her profile changed from Jei to Kim Jei.

Mir MBLAQ Jaebum JJ Project Cast acara ini emang rata-rata idol yang rookie kalo nggak yang lumayan terkenal disana, kayanya kalo idol yang macam hallyu gitu yang jadi cast-nya bakalan langsung dirajam sama fans nya: Mereka milih untuk ketemu di Bioskop. Awalnya rada lucu juga ngeliat pairing ini, dan Jihyun disini awalnya masih nganggep Hyunsik kayak “dongsaeng” gitu padahal umurnya cuman beda dua tahun.

Nam-ssi” Jihyun langsung ngeh gitu kalo Hyungsik ga begitu kenal dia, akhirnya Hyungsik jelasin dia sebenernya bingung soalnya di 4minute nama membernya hampir sama semua Jiyoon,Sohyun,Jihyun. Pas disuruh ngelakuin mission challenge which is: Hyungsik masih keliatan rada nggak enak gitu soalnya Jihyun tipe-tipe ‘cute noona with manner’ eyaaa. Tapi endingnya pas holding hands juga Jihyun nya senyam senyum aja: Settingnya mereka milih di crossroad. Ini couple kadang keliatan cocok kadang absurd.

Sebenernya yang bikin absurd Mir nya, Hyejeong mah keliatan rada kalem selama ‘ngedate’ bareng Mir, karena emang rata-rata obrolan mereka cuman ceritanya si Mir aja, tentang bokapnya yg agriculture lah, pokoknya segala tetek bengeknya si Mir. Menurut gue ini couple noona-dongsaeng yang emang rada ekstrim.


It took her nine years of auditions before a company would take her in and just when she thought everything was set nicely in place, it had to fall apart and she was back to square one. There were times when she wanted to drop everything and leave but Linzy had wanted this for so long that she never really thought about anything or anyone else. Linzy just focused on her dream and kept going. But when Hyemi came along, it was then that Linzy realized that there could be something more for her, other than being a singer.

Aug 06,  · Henry and FIESTAR`s Jei are Wrapped up in Dating Rumors After Fans Found the Two Visit the Same Hotel on the Same Day Netizens suspect Henry and FIESTAR’s Jei to be August 7th, Henry and.

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Anyways, she came through and here are the answers for those who are still curious. They deserve the love. They worked hard for it and I’m happy if they are happy haha. One More was one of the most sexual MVs of all , and it was quite a departure from their much more innocent, “cutesy” image of their previous songs.

I honestly couldn’t even picture Cheska in that MV. I’d also just like to know if she is happy being away from the craziness that is the life of a Kpop performer.

Meanwhile, Mir recently became a couple with FIESTAR’s member Jei on the tvN “The Romantic & Idol” show that was televised on December On the other hand, MBLAQ’s creator Rain is.

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Fiestar’s Jei and Ivy at Cable TV Broadcast Awards Red Carpet – March 13, 2015 [PHOTOS]

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The two almost gravitate towards each other, somehow ending up close without meaning to. Their jokes align too well; Ilhoon claims they must be from the same distant planet, because only they seem to understand the nonsense that streams from each other’s mouths. Together they’re a perfect team. They’re good hyungs, both of them, really.

Idols dating, it’s a taboo topic for fans, companies, and the idols themselves. For the last month there has been rumor after rumor about idol couples (with so-called “proof”), and there has also been a number of romantic themed TV shows on the air that give fans a look into idol dating behavior.

The Romantic was originally a reality TV program that involved normal bachelors and bachelorettes who spent nine nights and ten days together experiencing movie style romance. The new season of the show has changed titles and now, instead of normal people, the romantics are K-pop idols from popular music groups. The difference between The Romantic and Idol and We Got Married is that the latter is more of a variety program and is known for being scripted, where as The Romantic and Idol is a reality program where there is very little staff involvement.

There are four female idols and four male idols that are being paired off to have an organic dating experience on Jeju Island for this season. The show obviously tried to cast idols with a variety of fame levels and a variety of ages, which already seems to be causing complications in the show. So far, the age difference has made some of the idols self-conscious, such as JB, and some of the idols, such as Ji-hyun, like their dates less, because her ideal type is older, rather than the younger Hyung-sik.

[Fancam] Jei of FIESTAR(피에스타 재이) Pitiful(짠해) @M COUNTDOWN_150409