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Normani , the breakout pop star of supergroup Fifth Harmony, has quickly ascended to the top of the charts, making a solo name for herself. The day after a stunning performance of two new songs at Tidal X — her very first solo performance showcasing her own music, if you can believe it — Normani arrives at the PAPER office looking about as stripped down as a pop star can be, with little to no makeup and a hoodie to match. Normani the performer is fiercely present, with a multi-dimensional voice and dance prowess matched by few modern singers of her peer group. Normani the person, then, is surprisingly soft spoken, a fact she acknowledges with a smile when I move my phone closer to her to better capture a recording of our conversation. Her voice is at once soft, deep and steady as she tells the story of her family’s life-changing move from her hometown of New Orleans to Houston, Texas in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, when she was just nine-years-old. Norman Silverman “It changed my life forever,” she said. We had initially lived with my grandmother, and then we moved into a new house. Three months later, the hurricane hit. It was our dream home, but the hurricane happened and we moved to Houston.

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According to the Fifth Harmony Wiki, Ally is dating “YouTube personality Troy Ogletree,” while Dinah is dating a top college-football prospect, Normani is dating Dinah’s cousin, and Lauren.

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Dinah Jane on Whether She Would Collaborate With Any Fifth Harmony Ladies (Exclusive)

Sep 14, No need to fret! The romance was right out of Romeo and Juliet as both Fifth Harmony and Emblem3 made it to the finals.

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Chris DeVille chrisdeville August 31, – 5: The VMAs were such a non-event that host Katy Perry openly acknowledged more people were watching the concurrent Game Of Thrones season finale; the Weeknd, one of the few genuine A-listers scheduled to perform, decided not to show up. Seconds later, when the faceless figure at the center of the formation was jerked backward to her apparent doom, they were more likely screaming the way pro wrestling fans respond to a heel turn. It was just a stunt, of course; no girl-group alumni were harmed in the making of this dance routine.

But if the dramatic gesture did not result in any literal wounds, it likely contributed to some longstanding emotional bruising. For the past eight months Fifth Harmony have been semi-publicly feuding with Camila Cabello, who had been their best-known member before going solo last December, as the best-known members of pop groups are wont to do. Thus, with no shortage of acrimony , she left the group a week before Christmas.

When it comes to girl groups and boy bands, we almost always see it. And historically, with some notable exceptions, the departure of a key member usually means the end of the group. Their pointedly self-titled new album, released last week, is as enjoyable as anything they released when Cabello was in the group. Fifth Harmony works so well partially because this group has never been particularly dependent on its individual personalities. Seemingly by design Fifth Harmony stifles that sort of individuality.

The songs are as good as ever this time around.

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Becoming emotionally invested in the lives of others—fictional or real—and their romantic relationships is a natural extension of the human trait of empathy. The act of shipping has evolved over time from an individual, largely private pastime to an often collective, transnational obsession, driven in large part by the growth of the internet, which has enabled shippers to connect to each other and even to the ship creators. Throughout history, members of the gay community have probably always covertly shipped same-sex pairings the oldest known epic poem, The Epic of Gilgamesh, written circa BC in ancient Mesopotamia, for example, can be read as being about either Gilgamesh and his male friend Enkidu, or shipped as Gilgamesh and his lover Enkidu.

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Fifth Harmony announced a hiatus on Monday, saying that the members want to focus on solo careers. The women of the four-piece group thanked their fans in a statement on Twitter, saying.

Fifth Harmony After Camila Cabello left the music group Fifth Harmony last year, the remaining members had a choice as to what they would do. Since their songs were written for five voices — and changing the name of the group to Fourth Harmony or something else would have hurt the brand — they originally thought they would find a replacement for the fifth spot in the group.

They even considered doing a fun competition show to recruit a replacement! They squabbled with their label. They cancelled a major leg of their own tour. And now the group has split up. The girl group confirmed on Monday that they had called it quits after deciding to focus on solo careers.

The shady side everyone ignores about Camila Cabello

All this left us wondering: We took a closer look at each former member in an attempt to analyze where she stands with Swift now. Not friends Despite an appearance at a concert at Swift’s World Tour alongside other supermodel besties like Gigi Hadid and Cara Delevingne, Jenner is not as close to Swift as fans might think.

In a lengthy missive, the remaining Fifth Harmony members shared that, “After 4 and a half years of being together, we have been informed via her representatives that Camila has decided to leave.

However, Cabello left the band in , and in March , the rest of the girls took an indefinite hiatus to concentrate on solo careers. A post shared by Fifth Harmony fifthharmony on Mar 1, at As all of the members of the group failed to progress as solo singers in the Teens and Young Adults categories, they were eliminated. Nevertheless, the judges including Simon Cowell and Demi Lovato recognized their talents and vocal skills, and the girls were invited back to the stage, and eventually competing as the band named Fifth Harmony.

The girls went on to achieve notable success in the competition, being eventually placed third after they failed to qualify for the grand finale. In the same year, the group announced that they would be releasing yet another studio album, in the making of which Lauren Jauregui and Dinah Jane wrote several songs, working with writers such as Jason Evigan, Aaron Pierce and Mitch Allen. The album performed well on Australian, Japanese, Mexican, and Portuguese charts too, giving the girls worldwide exposure.


Normani is a Light Lyric Soprano with 4 octaves and 3 notes and the third-youngest out of the original members. In , she moved to Houston, Texas due to the arrival of Hurricane Katrina. Fifth Harmony Normani’s Solos Hamilton has been singing and dancing since four years old. She considered herself as a singer of Soul and Gospel until she was incorporated in a girl group. Hamilton has won a number awards and honors. During the program she had a great friendship with Arin Ray.

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By Tricia Gilbride He kicked a few beach balls that had made their way onto the stage back into the crowd, and quickly disappeared into the night, barely registering in the thunderous roar of girl power. In the crowd, girls in their brand new, baby pink tour baseball caps witnessed the reemergence of the pop girl group as an unstoppable force of empowerment.

The group’s hit, “Work From Home,” was the first song from a girl group to crack the Billboard top ten in eight years, but before all that came plenty of humiliation. Yes, Camilla Cabello was a shark in The Little Mermaid, and it’s possible to screw up something absolutely no one was counting on. Ahead of their gig headlining VH1’s Save the Music benefit show on August 27, Mashable caught up with 5H to talk about some of their favorite pre-fame moments on stage.

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