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How Can i put Fog lights on my roof without drilling holes??? I am being told that drilling 4 holes is necessary and the headliner will need to be peeled back in order to bold them down. Anyone have FOG lights put on the roof? Can someone who has these or knows about them please hook me up with some info? I cant believe its this hard to mount fog lights on the roof. It would be sweet to put 4 fogs on top as well. I’m sure someone will give you links to pictures or such. Not that hard to think up a way to mount lights to the roof Why do you want to put fog lights on the roof? Usually roof lights are high powered flood lights for night time offroading.

Daytime Running Light (DRL)Conversion

Take a few minutes to answer the following questions. People add lights to their motorcycle for a variety of reasons ranging from aesthetics to enhanced safety. The answer to this question will go a long ways in determining what features you are going to want in a set of lights. Auxiliary driving lights typically come in two varieties:

Fog lights hook up Should i install the fog lights. Hi guys, driving lights is turned on/off at any time. About adding fog lights help someone. Just. Aftermarket set of the bumper with the. Is pre-wire to the fuse, maybe can install points that could break the 2: install on. Dodge ram – can install your off-road lights on a variety of.

Includes lights for driver and passenger side of truck box Hard-wires into your power system Illuminate entire truck bed High intensity LED bulbs Works with all trucks If you have ever fumbled around in the dark trying to get something out of your truck bed you need the B-Light tonneau lighting system from Truxedo. This handy light will illuminate your bed in the darkest of conditions giving you clear visibility. Hard wired directly to your truck’s battery this LED truck bed light system will never fail you when you need it most.

You get 20 feet of wiring and a toggle switch to mount in your cab. This Truxedo LED bed light kit has 8 light pods. Each pod has 6 high intensity LED bulbs for outstanding brightness. LED truck lights require very little power to run and will last as long as you own your truck. Mounting is quick and easy with the included self tapping screws or you can utilize the 3M adhesive tape. The Truxedo B-light tonneau lighting system mounts up and out of the way underneath the bed rail.

Wiring is simple with the handy instruction manual taking you step by step through the process. You don’t need to have a tonneau cover on your truck to use this great truck bed light kit. It comes in handy on the farm; hunters can use the tonneau lighting system to help see in the early mornings of your next big hunt. Light your truck bed today with the B-Light tonneau lighting system from Truxedo!

Manufactured by TruXedo, a Truck Hero company.

B-Light Tonneau Lighting System

Put the lights dual filament bulb back into the light socket. Place the newly updated fog light housing socket into the fog light housing. Place the fog light housing into the bumper, no need to screw it back in since you will be testing it in a minute or so. Reinstall the Rear lights stock or Euro. Testing the lights Pic by twospirits At this point you should test the lights before actually screwing the Rear lights and Fog lights back into their housings.

When you have the headlights on, the rear fog lights should also come on.

Optional DRL hook up; replacements for any vehicle. LED headlight bulbs have the same mounting base as your factory headlights or fog lights and the base is adjustable so you have the option of adjusting the beam pattern to fit your needs. Getting rid of dark spots are now a thing of the past because this LED headlight bulb will.

Start off by disconnecting the negative terminal of your battery or batteries. Doing this will prevent any unexpected sparks while wiring the lights. To mount your lights, you need to select a location that will allow the lamp body to clear the fenders. Be sure to leave room for tow straps if you mount the lights near a tow hook like we did.

Warn cautions that installers should mount these lights upright, as there is a drain hole on the bottom of the light housing designed to let water escape. After the lights are mounted you will need to fit the harness. Begin installing the harness at the lights and work toward the battery.

Adding AUX lights using the factory fog light wires

When I bought my new Sierra work truck, it had fog light holes with covers. One day I got curious and got underneath and removed the covers to see everything was there to mount the OEM lenses. I found a couple of articles on a few different forums and came across the fact that the relay, fuse, and wiring to dash was already installed from the factory. I researched further into this mess I got myself interested in and found a ACDelco part D J and purchased this from amazon. Amazon didnt put much of a description on this item, just a photo and was a bit nervous but proceeded to buy anyway.

Thanks for the replies. I’ll stick with some 35 watt fog lights. The charging system on the mower is 20 amp, and the battery is amp ( cca), and the only electrical usage is the starter and electric deck lift, so I think it should be able to handle a couple 35 watt fog lights for occasional use.

It came with everything to install it the lamps, bolts, wiring harness, zip ties, cable clamps, the relay, the new switch, and instructions. I looked at my front air dam and decided that since I am cheap, I’ll modify it instead of purchasing a new one. If you want to purchase a new air dam that has the holes already cut out, it’s your prerogative. I however am cheap, and if it’s there and can be utilized, I’m going to do just that.

So I started here: And used this ingenius cutting tool a.


Your favorite ride never looked so good. More Than Improved Visibility Experience the future of driving via an astonishing daylight-like visibility thanks to BlingLights BL w light technology. Featuring a fog and driving, light-on-road pattern fused with an intense HID simulated white output, BL w xenon lamps can be easily seen in virtually any light including direct sunlight. You can depend on these lights to cut through the thickest fog. The Light of Choice Designed to imitate the appearance of ordinary dealership fog lamps, BL w lamps light like original fog lamps and is compatible with the factory wiring and or light controls.

BL w Lamp Kit Specs:

LED Fog Lights on Jeep Grand Cherokee Is a Step Up Posted on /10/09 by Shari Everyone knows that HID and LED are the future and if your car doesn’t come standard with these luxuries, then aftermarket is the way to go.

Before cutting any wire, a good diagram is in order. Draw a diagram on plain white paper with wire gauge noted and colors identified. Each component must be labeled. This wiring diagram will stay with the car so make it neat and easily readable. Pictured is my wiring diagram for installing two fog lights with fuses, a switch, and a relay. Relays are an important component in wiring fog or driving lights with a A draw. Basically, the relay protects the switch from getting hot and creating unwanted resistance.

The low current through the switch triggers the relay to make a higher current connection to the heavy load of the fog lights. If you purchased your relay from a reputable source, it will have numbered terminals, which aid greatly in connecting everything correctly.

Factory fog light hook ups? Question?

At this point, knowing that the DRL works, and is secured, you can wrap up the project by putting back the lower crash pad and steering wheel covers in reverse order as mentioned above in the section “Removing the necessary Panel Covers”. Re-connect the battery and reset your radio setting. If you plan on connecting the DRL modules using the high beam lamps you need to know that the high beam indicator in the instrument panel cluster will be on at a dim level. To overcome this you will need to isolate it with a blocking diode by hooking up the DRL white wire to EM03 pin 17 which is downstream of the multifunction switch.

Then insert the diode inline between joint connector M04 pin 13 and EM03 pin

Easy hook-up: 85 is a ground in from a spst switch. 86 is a signal tap from the low beams. 87 is out to your lamps. 30 is your battery input. Fuse appropriately, .

I finally found a set of lights to use that would give the “look” that I was going after with my Then I remembered that when I installed my ARB bull-bar, I had unplugged the factory Fogs, leaving the wiring, relay, and most importantly, the switch on my headlight stalk!! I decided to try installing these BadBoys, using the factory wiring I mounted the lights on the ARB bumper, keeping the nuts a bit loose for hooking up the wires and for the final aiming.. First I located the factory plugs behind the bumper that I had rendered “useless” after the ARB bar installation Instead of cutting off the plugs I hate cutting off factory connectors!

I decided to use ScotchLocks to attach a pair of 18ga wires which was about the same as the factory wiring to run to the new lights.. I only needed about 2 feet each of red and black wire per lamp Then I Scotchlocked the new wires to the originals.

How To Install iJDMTOY’s Relay Wiring Kit w/ Switch