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Ban Chiang archaeological site Our rating: Challenging presupposed ideas about Bronze Age civilisations, excavations at Ban Chiang have revealed hundreds of human burial sites alongside a breathtaking trove of ceramics and other artifacts dating as far back as 5, years ago. Read more Ancient artistry. After tripping over a tree root while conducting anthropological research, Harvard student Stephen Young found himself staring at the top of a pot encased in the earth. Young brought some of his finds to the Thai Fine Arts Department, which sent them to the University of Pennsylvania for further study. And for good reason. Of particular importance was the discovery of bronze forging technology dating from 3, to 2, BCE, which debunked a widely accepted theory that bronze reached Southeast Asia via the Middle East at a much later date. Speartips, fishhooks, molds and bracelets were some of the implements commonly crafted from bronze in the area. More broadly, the advanced craftsmanship evidenced at Ban Chiang shattered the belief that Southeast Asian arts were almost entirely inherited from India, China and elsewhere.

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Ban Chiang in Udon Thani province is one of Thailand’s best known prehistorical sites, that has become famous for its beautiful ceramic pottery that was found there. The site was inhabited for almost years and shows the transition of early man from Neolithic age into bronze and iron age.

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Udon Thani Hotels Travel by bus from Bangkok to Cambodia The easiest and cheapest way to travel from Bangkok to Cambodia is to take an Air Aran bus service from Bangkok’s Northern Bus Terminal to the border near Aranyaprathet.

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Hosted by Hi I am Shanana! Hi I am Shanana! Nakara Villa Udon Thani is our dream of building a beautiful house nestled in the calm and tranquility of the rice fields of North East Thailand. The Villa was designed and built by myself and my English husband David so there is no other house in the world quite like it. It is a home away from home. A place to cherish and remember. I am Shanana and I am as unique as my name. I was born in Thailand though I have also lived in China and Dubai.

I will be your host for your stay and I will be looking after your every need from preparing your meals to your total satisfaction to organizing day trips. Just let me know what you need and if it is possible I will make it happen. The Villa is nestled in rural rice fields but is also just a short drive from the city offering easy access to airports, trains stations, supermarkets, modern shopping malls and plenty of local and international restaurants.

This is still the real Thailand away from tourists and touts, free of over priced everything, full of friendly faces and far enough off the beaten track to know your have left.

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The officer is a subordinate of the provincial governor. Mueang , Muban , Sukhaphiban , Tambon , and Thesaban The district which contains the administrative office of the province is the amphoe mueang lit. The district should not to be confused with the capital town itself, which is a different administrative entity usually much smaller than the district.

Until the s, most of the capital districts had names just like other districts, whereas districts dating back to old provinces had the word mueang in their name.

Udon Thani, also known as simply Udon, is a province in the northeast of Thailand, close to the Laotian border and is the gateway to Laos via the Friendship Bridge at Nong Khai.

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Hotels Udon Thani has the biggest and best nightlife in the among the cities in Isaan. I also found the Udon girls extremely beautiful and attractive, and I got attention from a ton of girls here. The girls felt much more alive, genuine and happy than lets say Bangkok girls, where the heat, pollution and stressfull traffic jams takes a toll on peoples happiness and well being.

Udon girls also had much more curves and had that delicious caramel tan, contrary to the white skinned girls in Bangkok who usually are much more fragile and jolly. In Udon, especially around Central plaza, there was a ton of hot girls just hanging out ready to be approached. More on that later.

Udon Thani prides itself on sites dating back to the Bronze Age. From cave paintings to graves filled with ancient pottery, these historic Udon Thani attractions stand just outside the city, making this destination a perfect jumping point for sightseeing.

Here tourist will see many rocks of peculiar shapes which resulted from glacial movement millions of years ago. It can be seen that most of the ancient buildings and objects found in this area were modified from what was naturally available and not built entirely by human beings. For instance, a rock was decorated to make a stupa or was chiseled into the shape of a foot. Archeological evidence found at the site includes Phra Phuttabat Bua Bok, Phra Phuttabat Lang Tao, Phra Phutta Bat Bua Ban, religious buildings modified from rocks, sandstone bai-sema leaf-shaped stones marking the limits of a Buddhist temple , sandstone images and idols, cave paintings and stone axes.

In addition to the beautiful landscape, caves and caverns, rocks of different sizes and shapes dot the area. Moreover, pre-historic paintings over cliff faces have been discovered, although many leave only the faintest of traces. Visitors are recommended to explore Tham Non Sao Ae, Tham Woa Daeng, Tham Chang, and Tham Sung to see the paintings that depict the livelihood of pre-historical community which can be traced back to approximately 2, , years ago.

Opening Hours Daily from Prang Ku is a complex of buildings with a plan that resembles the Khmer nursing home known as “Arogayasala”.

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Mueang District, Nong Bua Lamphu Million-year-old shell fossils is museum of shell fossils from Jurassic Era, dating back to million years ago. A lot of bivalve fossils are found in good condition. These fossils are found in the mountain with 50 metres high cliff.

Authorities. The main administrative procedures in Thailand such as visas, driving licenses and yellow house books.

Discovery[ edit ] Villagers had uncovered some of the pottery in prior years without insight into their age or historical importance. In August , Steve Young, an anthropology and government student at Harvard College , was living in the village conducting interviews for his senior honors thesis. Young, a speaker of Thai, was familiar with the work of Wilhelm G. Solheim and his theory of possible ancient origins of civilization in Southeast Asia.

One day while walking down a path in Ban Chiang with his assistant, an art teacher at the village school, Young tripped over a root of a kapok tree and fell on his face in the dirt path. Under him were the exposed tops of small and medium-sized pottery jars. Young recognized that the firing techniques used to make the pots were very rudimentary, but that the designs applied to the surface of the vessels were unique.

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I did this because my 90 day stay was up on my Non Immigrant O visa and I wanted another 90 days, but this is applicable to anyone who needs to stamp in and out on any visa. Today I did this trip again, and this time I was the only foreigner on the last leg of the trip into Laos. This meant I had the VIP treatment of being the only rider in a brand new minivan that dropped me to the doorstep of my hotel.

Udon Thani is the gateway to Isaan, and provides an opportunity to experience a real taste of down to earth authentic Thailand. Its also becoming the home to an increasing number of retirees, who enjoy the attractive cost of living and fantastic laid back lifestyle the region has to offer.

Equally fascinating is Phu Phra Baht Historical Park 67km from the city , with sandstone caves, caverns, prehistoric cave paintings and peculiar-shaped rocks dotting its beautiful landscape. Phu Foi Lom Eco Park 40km southwest of the city is ideal for hiking and overnight camping. Inside the city area, Nong Prajak Park is a pleasant recreational space for relaxing, jogging and picnicking. The lack of international chain hotels is made up for by the presence of reputable local chain like Centara and efficiently run mid-size hotels.

Udon Thani Restaurants Udon has plenty of restaurants, and the choice ranges from northeastern Thai fare to a diverse range of international cuisine. Many are open-air, garden-restaurant style, in shady pockets of trees. These usually serve local Isan and typical Thai dishes, including northeastern-style hot pots jim joom. For tasty western food, head to the area surrounding Charoensri Complex Prajak Rd.

Good Everything Pho Niyom Rd.

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The northern part with City pillar shrine and other buildings is called park, but not many trees either. Gays I met at the railway station said best time to go there would be pm. Nong Prajak lake and park park on the peninsula open , walk around the lake Fri Railway stations are always a good bet personal experience in other provinces, at least there were available ladies.

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I Spent 2 months with her and fell in love with her and her family. She has a great Mom and Dad that are a little older than me that treated me very well and could see that their daughter and I were very happy with each other.

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